GOTS Certified

GOTS Certified

GOTS Certified  - what is it and what it means to Finch & Folk

GOTS certified. You’re bound to have read it somewhere by now, lots of you likely know what it means but there are undoubtedly others who haven’t – and whilst you yourself may have read the accreditation before perhaps you might like to understand it more.

Being GOTS certified is something we hold really dear and this is perhaps the perfect forum to discuss what it means to Finch & Folk, what it means to our production partners, and what it means as a whole.

The Global Organics Textile Standard (GOTS) in simplest terms is the leading textile and processing standard for organic fibres, inclusive of both ecological and social criteria which are then backed up by and independent certification of the entire textile supply chain pertaining to that product.

GOTS certified has been the international standard for ecological textiles in more than 60 countries around the world since 2006. In recent years Consumers have come to value the origin and the ethos behind the product they are investing in and in turn more and more textile companies are seeing the importance of creating GOTS certified products.

The purpose and intent of such a certification process is to define and recognise uniformed global requirements that ensure that status of textiles right through from beginning to completion.

This means that from day one of harvesting the ‘raw materials’ right through to labeling that the entire manufacturing as a ‘whole  process’  is both environmentally and socially responsible, providing the customer with a credible and genuine assurance of the process from start to finish.

One of many incredibly important facts in buying GOTS certified textiles is that GOTS strictly  prohibits the use of any chemicals commonly used in textile processing that are known to cause cancer, birth defects and an array of other serious illnesses and ailments. With certification to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) the use of hazardous chemicals is prohibited, and all waste water is treated, protecting workers and their water supplies. 

All chemicals must meet strict toxicity and biodegradability rules and factories are regularly and routinely inspected and then certified to strict social and ethical criteria. In it’s very simplest terms this means no forced labour, no child labour, working hours are not excessive, regular employment is provided, harsh or inhumane treatment of workers in prohibited, there are  and all of this equates to a safe and healthy working environment for the labourers and importantly  that those workers receive a living wage too.

 We have all heard over and over that speaking in general chemicals destroy the eco-system and biodiversity on a global scale. The trickle-down effect from such chemicals and toxins is huge and is in essence a conversation with no real end purely for the fact that we don’t yet know the full extent of damage that has been done. As each generation absorbs more from the last optimistically each generation then tries to improve on the last. Ultimately choosing GOTS certified textiles comes down to personal choice, but such certification at the very least gives you the power to choose knowingly and make your own informed decision.

In a utopian society as a part of a perfect world we as parents and consumers could all choose organic all the time. Organic clothing, organic linen, we could avoid all plastics and all chemicals, we would only eat organic food – or in a even more idealistic version of that world we could simply all grow our own.

Whilst that the social order sounds wonderful and supreme it’s simply not our reality as whole – or at the very least not yet, and since that isn’t possible for most families we can instead be realistic in making small, positive and purposeful changes in our everyday lives. We can choose safer options when possible. We can choose ethical options when possible.

We can choose environmentally safer and kinder options when possible. The roll on effect is an increased understanding and demand which serves to benefit us all.

Babee and Me is proud to work alongside our GOTS Certified partners, and we are proud that it’s important to you too xx.